1-How many torts did you find in the Tortville scenario? 2-Identify any potential defenses….

1-How many torts did you find in the Tortville scenario? 2-Identify any potential defenses. 3-Identify the negligence part of this scenario. It was a beautiful fall evening in Tortville, Indiana, and as Sheriff Mannix Cannon eased his 300-pound body out of his patrol car to proceed to the Tortville High School football field, he couldn t help but be optimistic. Maybe tonight he could just concentrate on his favorite things in the world: Tortville Titan football; his quarterback son, Loose; his cheerleader daughter, Trixie; and of course, sports cuisine. It was already in the second quarter when Cannon took his seat. Tortville was leading the perennial powerhouse Corporate Raiders by a score of 28-0. Tortville had the ball, and Loose rolled out to make a pass. After Loose released the ball, Corporate s frustrated All-State linebacker, Burton Battery, made a cheap shot on Loose, knocking Loose into the Tortville cheerleaders on the sideline. Cheerleader Vicky Victim s leg was hurt when Loose bumped into her. While Loose was trying to comfort Vicky, Trixie began to taunt Burton. As she turned away from him, Burton charged at her. Loose jumped up and knocked Burton out. Hearing the noise, Trixie turned and realized how close she had come to being flattened by Burton. The thought made her very fearful and she began to cry. Sheriff Cannon missed all this action, however, because an agitated student told him that he needed to come to the old, unused concessio

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