25 Foster Play Equipment LLC has experienced a slow-down in throughput at its Omaha plant Inventory

25 Foster Play Equipment, LLC has experienced a slow-down in throughput at its Omaha plant Inventory build for the holidays is taking a hit None of its other plants have experienced this type of decline Production increases must be restored quickly Which type of planning approach is better suited to address the condition and bring about a workable change

A Strategic Management Planning

B Financial Planning

C Strategic Market Planning

D Long Range Planning

26 As part of their segmentation efforts, Marketing managers at Betty Benson Baked Goods know that their baking supplies are generic in nature and therefore they are going to adopt a PRICE BASED PRODUCT STRATEGY rather than a / an ________________ BASED PRODUCT STRATEGY:





27 In order to qualify as a traditional SBU, an organization MUST be:

A Market oriented

B A distinct profit enhancer

C Less than $2 million in sales revenues

D Self- sustaining in resources

28 Murdock Stamping, a supplier to the electronics industry, has purchased a major brand of home entertainment equipment This can be referred to as a:

A Market Development Strategy

B Horizontal Integration Strategy

C Forward Integration Strategy

D Volume Growth Strategy

29 “Made In USA” is attributable to:

A Product Branding

B Certification Branding

C Service Branding

D Recognition Branding

30 Tactical planning:

A Involves enabling objectives for meeting Strategic goals

B Strategic objectives for meeting operational needs

C Operational goals involving specific enabling objectives

D Involves tactical long-term operational needs

31 When a market segment enters the MATURE stage of the product life cycle and is familiar to the majority of shoppers in that market and pricing is of more importance than attributes, then the products in that market could be considered:

A Homogeneous in nature

B Hetrogeneous in nature

C Differentiated in nature

D Staples

32 The primary difference between Tactical planning and Strategic planning is that Strategic planning focuses on broad general approaches to outcomes and Tactical planning is involved with specific action items to achieve outcomes



33 Market suppliers / Marketers (ALL) attempt to identify and locate consumers that they can qualify as prospective customers / buyers Which set of variables is most useful in determining this:

A Previous income, Monthly expenses, Debt, Property taxes

B Taxes, Financial Resources, Age, Employment

C Income, Wealth, Available credit

D Age, Current expenses, Wealth

34 Hallmark Greeting Cards is developing a number of new (non greeting card) products for various consumer segments This could be referred to as:

A Expansion of product length

B Expansion of product consistency

C Expansion of product width

D Expansion of product dimension

35 Rendall Seed & Fertilizer Company discovered that recent developments in agricultural technology enhanced their position in seed genetics These developments lead to a distinct ___________________ for Rendall:

A Core competency

B Strategic window

C Competitive advantage

D Market affirmation

36 Auto Zone Distributors is introducing a 14 ounce container of grease stripper for engine blocks Previously, the distributor offered 7 ounce and 24 ounce containers, but sales of the 24 ounce container declined because consumers felt in some applications it was too large It could be said that Auto Zone (with the new offering) engaged a __________________ strategy

A Dimensional

B Line Filling

C Line Stretching

D Width

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