300words only…5 hours from now..

 APA3 sources…not older than year 2000no plagiarism or work done before for other students300words only…5 hours from now.. Case Method in Personality Psychology 

This discussion will focus on the following research method used in personality psychology: Case Study Method

Imagine your team is applying for a grant to conduct a major study in personality psychology. Before getting into the specifics of the study, the team leader has asked each team member to discuss one of the different research methods available in personality psychology.

Your initial post will describe the assigned research method (case study) and how it is implemented. Discuss how personality researchers use the method and also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the research method assigned. Be sure to mention the appropriate applications of the method you are describing. The overall goal here is to inform the team about the appropriate use of your research method as well as its strengths and weaknesses

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