A Critique of John Smith’s Leadership at XYZ. Introduction Write about 250 -300 words introducing… 1 answer below »

A Critique of John Smith’s Leadership at XYZ.


Write about 250 -300 words introducing your chosen leader. Include his or her role in the organisation, brief information about the organisation itself, plus background information – perhaps key achievements and relevant biographical information. You might also briefly discuss why you have selected this leader to critique.

Strategic Leadership(400-500 words)

Discuss your leader’s strategic leadership at the organisation. This might involve discussing how well you think the leader implements and manages the strategic planning processes. For example is it clear that the leader is involved with all six components of strategy:

· Vision

· Mission

· External analysis

· Internal analysis

· Financial analysis and forecasting

· Quality assurance

Other factors you might discuss include stakeholder input into forming strategy, i.e. are employees and others encouraged to contribute. Consider other ‘best practice’ strategic planning processes, is a formal, structured process used, what tools might be used such as SWOT, Porter’s 5 Forces etc.

Strategic Direction(400-500 words)

For this aspect, discuss the strategic vision for the organisation. What evidence is there that the leader has had a strong influence in developing the vision and / or leading the organisation towards the vision? Is the leader ‘visionary’? Does he or she inspire others?

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