A two-lane highway bridge supported on two deck trusses that span 64 ft consists of an 8-in….

A two-lane highway bridge, supported on two deck trusses that span 64 ft, consists of an 8-in. reinforced concrete slab supported on four steel stringers. The slab is protected by a 2-in. wearing surface of asphalt. The 16-ft-long stringers frame into the floor beams, which in turn transfer the live and dead loads to the panel points of each truss. The truss, bolted to the left abutment at point A, may be treated as pin supported. The right end of the truss rests on an elastomeric pad at G. The elastomeric pad, which permits only horizontal displacement of the joint, can be treated as a roller. The loads shown represent the total dead and live loads. The 18-kip load is an additional live load that represents a heavy wheel load. Determine the force in the lower chord between panel points I and J, the force in member JB, and the reaction applied to the abutment at support A.


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