American History Vietnam / Cold War

What were the three phases of General Westmoreland’s “Concept of Operations” for victory in Vietnam?
Define “crossover point.”
What is the “domino theory?” Did it end up being true?
As described in the textbook, what were the “three negative effects” of the incursion into Cambodia?
Briefly describe the “Strategic Hamlet Program.”
Why were the “events in the Gulf of Tonkin” significant to the escalation of the conflict under President Johnson?
The textbook describes President Johnson’s “’negative objectives’ – that is, things he did not want to happen.” What were they?
According to the textbook, what event was considered a “turning curve” of the conflict in Vietnam?
Define “linkage” and the “madman theory.”
What did Nixon mean when he discussed a “decent interval?” What was a decent interval in his mind? Did he get it?
Part 2
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Part 3 Cold War
What are the three aspects of the nuclear triad?
What were some of the challenges surrounding rearming Japan?
Describe the intent of Operation CARTE BLANCHE.
According to the textbook, what went wrong with the Bay of Pigs invasion (Operation ZAPATA)?
Describe some of the steps President Eisenhower took to attempt to centralize foreign policy/military power under his control.
Part 4
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