Analysis of the Field What is your analysis of the state of the field of sustainability? Describe… 1 answer below »

Analysis of the FieldWhat is your analysis of the state of the field of sustainability? Describe important issues or current dilemmas in the field.Research TopicState and provide background information for your research topic.What are the current theories and areas of debate for your topic?Are there particular industries or technologies that will be impacted by your topic? If this impact is positive, how can it be maximized: and if negative, how can this impact be mitigated?Future DirectionsIndicate specific areas of further research in this topic that would prove beneficial.What potential impact might the topic that you have chosen have on the overall state of the field and the future directions of sustainability research in the next 3–5 years?

Be sure to review the Seminar Final Paper Guidelines and Rubric documents. Use the Analysis of the Field, Research Topic, and Future Directions headings to organize your 10–15 page paper. Cite specific examples from the articles in the course and/or your presentation, and follow APA format.

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