Answer these question after reading the 2 articles

In Goodell’s article “Goodbye, Miami,” he argues that Miami has a two-fold problem with water: too much and too little.
1.In what ways does Miami have too much water and why is this problematic?
2.In what ways does Miami have too little water and why is this problematic?
3.What does Goodell see as the future of Miami? Why? Do you agree?
These excerpts from Weisman’s book The World without Us imagine the complex cities we have created once we are no longer occupying them, and their slow but inevitable return to nature.
4.In what ways are cities in a constant battle to overcome nature’s advance?
5.What are some of the ways that city planners and engineers believe that nature would reclaim cities if we were not there actively preventing it?
6.What do the imagined Miami and New York from these excerpts have in common?
7.Why is it difficult for us to imagine that cities might not always be there?
8.How have these readings made you (re)imagine the future of coastal cities
Please write the answers in paragraph format

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