Article Writing Question

5-7 Page Research Paper. I will Provide the dataset you with the excel datasheet for parts 2-4 and the scholarly sources. 12 point font, times new roman double spaced, APA format
1 Briefly introduce and describe the issue you are investigating through a review of the relevant research literature. You must reference 3 scholarly sources of information on the issue (peer-reviewed journal articles, scientific reports, or books). Please provide at least 1-2 pages of background information on your topic
2 Describe the data available through your chosen source: what data does your chosen dataset contain (e.g. variables, years for which data are available, etc.)? How it was collected, types of questions asked, any limitations you can identify, etc.). Any glaring limitations?
3 Identify a dependent variable (INTERVAL, NUMBERED SCALE ORDINAL, OR DUMMY) that is of interest to you (such as INTERVAL: number of tourists who visit annually, divorce rates, acres planned for development, water consumption, tax revenues, crime rates; SCALED ORDINAL: ratings of public services on surveys; DUMMY: Presence of some attribute or absence of attribute e.g. Democrat, African-American, Before or after 9/11); and
4 Identify at least three potential independent variables for that variable of interest (dependent variable)—also INTERVAL, ORDINAL NUMBERED SCALE, OR DUMMY. Note – you are unlikely to find data with dummy variables already coded as such. A dummy variable is an artificial variable created to represent an attribute with two or more distinct categories. We will practice building and using dummy variables when we get to regression. At this stage, you might have a variable such as “political affiliation” with several different categories which you can later recode. At this point, you don’t need to actually do the recode; just note that this is what you might do later on.
Parts 2 through 4 should take you 3-5 pages to cover the necessary information in sufficient detail.