As we have studied most companies are faced with a globalization strategy where theydeal with many

As we have studied, most companies are faced with a globalization strategy, where theydeal with many cultures and diversities in an attempt to sell their goods and services. Inwhat ways can a corporation’s structure and culture be internal strengths or weaknesses?How might the strengths or weaknesses affect this company’s competitiveness in the globalmarketplace?Please back up you comments from peer reviewed articles and research on this subject. Ihave sent to you an article on businesses competing in a global environment for your reviewand to give you a start on this project. Please cite the research, as well as a reference pageat the end of the assignment. The paper should be no shorter than four pages and no longerthan six full pages of material. This does not include the cover page and reference gage.Remember this paper must be in APA style.As a reminder, no more than 20% of yourpaper can be quoted from outside sources.Thus if your paper is more than 20% quotedor copied, your grade will go downsubstantially. Any paper above 40% willreceive an automatic zero.

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