Assignment #5 Survey Research

I have attached to this questions the past assignments I have submitted that are connected to this assignment.

Objective: To practice writing survey questions

                       To think about the layout and design of a survey

                       To reflect on whether survey methodology is useful for your final research project.

Assignment:   Write a draft survey related to your research topic and question.  The survey should have at least 5 questions, which measure both your independent and dependent variables. 

Questionnaires should be formatted, according to the principles of good questionnaire design as discussed in the textbook.

                       Include with your survey a “notes” page that includes a: Statement of your specific research topic, question, and hypothesis, as revised based on feedback and learning from Assignments #2, 3, 4. Description of any additional notes or logic you were using when you designed the survey – for example, who would fill out this survey? Where might you distribute it?  Would it be better administered via the phone or email or in person?  Why did you format it the way you did?  Why did you write questions in the way you did?  These notes about potential methodology will become an early-stage outline or draft of a “methods” section of your final project, should you decided to use survey methodology.  Reflection on whether survey methodology is the right methodology for your chosen research question. Why or Why not?

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