Attribution Theory Reflection double spaced 3 page Paper

You are required to describe the strengths and weaknesses of using attribution theory to understand how we perceive the actions of others. Make sure you explain what attribution theory is and consider its usefulness in understanding people’s actions, attitudes, and behaviors. Write an essay that incorporates an example from your own life into a response. Responses should include a definition of attribution theory, an evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, and an applicable example from your life. 

For this final reflection paper, you will be required to further your analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of attribution theory as it applies to your understanding of your own behavior. Additionally, you will need to document ways in which the information from your text is lacking and what gaps in this information might be addressed to further understand the usefulness in using attribution theory. Using this information you will formulate a question for research based upon gaps in existing research.

The revision process will also offer the opportunity to enhance written communication skills and build on critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. Final papers must be 3 pages in length and double spaced (this does not include a title or reference page). 

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