Based on the information above answer these questions. 1. For what reasons does Bettelheim consider

on the information above answer these questions.
For what reasons does Bettelheim consider play the “royal road†to the child’s
In what ways does play foster development?
How does “playing†differ from “playing a game� According to Bettelheim,
is better for the child?
Why does Bettelheim argue that adults are mistaken when they view play as
According to Bettelheim, should boys and girls play with the same toys? with
educational toys?
with guns?
6. What is the
argument behind why Gray thinks children are displaying more mental disorders?
How does the presence or absence of play affect this?
7. How frequently
should children have free play according to the author?
8. How, and in what
way, is technology a part of this?
10. What is the main
point of the article by Gray?
11. Based the
information listed above I want you to research (go to the store, talk to
parents, check reviews, etc) and identify a “Good†toy based on Gray and Bettelheim’s
feedback about what play should be. This toy should be for an elementary aged child
and should be for $25 or under. I want you to discuss price (value), get a
picture of this toy, and talk about why you think this toy would be a good toy according to Gray and Bettelheim’s
feedback on the benefits of play. Give me a good argument here and I am
expecting that you will reference Bettelheim’s feedback to support your
suggestion. *Hint, make particular note of what Bettelheim noted about
educational toys and let that influence what toys you pick and which you don’t.
Don’t forget to check the reviews that are available on these toys to see if
they live up to the features promised for the toy you select. I would also be
interested to see if you find one that is popular and highly marketed but is
exactly what Bettelheim cautioned against.
12. Describe an ideal
play setting according to the feedback from Gray and Bettelheim and tell me how
schools should incorporate this.

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