Biology/ OSTEOPOROSIS and MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION /2 1/2 pages EACH /5yrs OLD journal references (2013)/ APA Format /Follow rubric

 2 ASSIGNMENTS ( 2 and half pages each)

Osteoporosis – 2 1/2 pages

Myocardial Infarction – 2 1/2 pages

I INTRODUCTION: Name, Description and History of Alzheimer’s Disease (1/4 page)

II. ANATOMY OF THE SYSTEM: Effects, Signs, Symptoms & Complications (1 page)

III DIAGNOSIS: Test, Treatments & Side Effects & Prognosis of the disease (1 pages)



Introduction: worth 20% 

Body – 50%

· Describe the normal (healthy) anatomy & physiology of the major system(s) involved.

· Describe the causes (etiology) and risk factors of the condition.

· Explain how the body’s systems are affected by the condition. Brief description of signs and symptoms, clinical tests if relevant. (Note: this is not a clinical paper, do not give elaborate or lengthy details)

· Treatments and/or cures – now and in the future (preventative measures can be addressed in this section if applicable)

Conclusion: worth 10% 

References: worth 10% 

· Quality of Resources (5years old research and journals)

· Works cited

· Paraphrasing in text

· Quotations in text

Spelling & Grammar: worth 10% 

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