Albion Basin Discussion

For this discussion forum, I expect you to post an initial contribution and make two reply posts. Your contributions and replies should be succinct yet comprehensive. As a general guideline I would suggest that your initial post should be 200-300 words in length, but not exceeding 300 words, while your reply posts should be shorter (100-200 words). I will evaluate your contributions according to the Discussion Rubric. Please note that your initial contribution post is weighted at 50%, and your reply posts together are weighted at 50%. To view the rubric, click the 3 vertical dots icon near the title, then select Show Rubric.

If you were an active contributor in the synchronous Zoom debrief of this negotiation, you may skip the initial discussion post (simply post “attended Zoom” as your initial post, and if you recorded the Zoom negotiation, please also post the recording). Your contribution will be graded based on your participation in the live debrief. You must still post two reply posts providing further analysis of the negotiations. 

Post your answer by Oct. 15, 7:00 p.m. (ET), which should debrief your negotiation experience. Be sure to place the link to your Zoom-recorded negotiation session in the appropriate dropbox.

Consider the following questions to help you formulate your initial post:

Did you reach a deal? If so, what were the terms? If not, what were the sticking points? How did your preparation for the negotiation help you in the negotiation itself? How did having a negotiation scoresheet affect your value claiming and value-creating? Did you form a coalition? Did you want to change your scoresheet partway through the negotiation? Would it be easy to go back and defend the deal you made to your initial discussion partner (Albion Basin Stage 1, the person playing the same role as you)? Were there any surprises or difficult parts to the negotiation? If you had to do it again, what would you do differently? 

After the deadline for submission of your initial post, read what others have posted (either your classmates, instructor, or teaching support specialist), consider the requirements below, and make two replies by Oct. 17, at 11:59 PM (ET):

Carefully and thoughtfully select two of the other posts (either your classmates, instructor, or teaching support specialist), and reply. Your reply should either state what you learned from that post and how you can apply it, or why you found that post valuable or interesting, or offer a respectful counter-argument (if appropriate). NOTE: if the post you are replying to is someone you negotiated with directly, you could share “your side of the story” in response to their post, or tell them what you perceived when they acted in a certain way. Bearing in mind that everyone is playing a role, please be respectful and address the ROLE-PLAYING BEHAVIOR, without making attributions to the PERSON.

If you have additional ideas or topics related to this discussion that you want to continue, please use the Discussion Sidebar. This allows the graded discussion to remain relevant and on topic.

Be sure to hand in your Albion post-mortem and completed score sheet by Oct. 15 at 11:59 pm.

Be insightful – provide value – contribute to the learning community.


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