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The Developing Person through the Life Span ,Berger, 2011, Worth Publishers,

N ew York, NY


  It’s a sad day when any crime happens, we are often left confused and scared about the  details and how to cope with them. That is why a justice system is in place. To help  members of the community cope with these situations of stress. Let us look at what  happened here to better understand why certain decisions were made.


       I believe the first being the childs age 6 years old, a very young age when we often  spend much of our time playing and pretending stories to act out. Piaget : Preoperational Thinking, he called cognitive development between about 2-6 years of age peroperational 

intelligence a time of symbolic thought, especially laungage and imagination, it is pre- operational in that children do not yet use logical thought.(Berger 2011,pg.237) Many   childrens stories are strange, an example being we ran up the hill and went down the   jellybean slide to the other side. The prefontal cortex can calculate and plan, not letting  anxious feelings interfere.(Berger 2011,pg.215) This means that feelings of shame and  regret do not exist its ok to tell stories about jellybean slides. Because even if someone   laughs they are laughing with us not at us.


     Cooparative Play,Children playing togeather creating dramas or takeing turns (Berger  2011,pg.270) This sort of play is very important in a childs life as they learn to share toys  unredstand others feelings as well as their own.


    Externalizing Problems – their powefull feelings burst out uncontrollably. (Berger  2011,pg,268) I believe this is a learned behavior from our experiences with others mainy   adults. We react to our enviorment in learned behavior. If we see an adult yell and throw

  things we are most likely to simulate this behavor later in life. This comes out in  Sociodramatic Play in which children act out various roles and plots…Socidramatic play  builds on pretending and social interests both of wich emerge in toddlerhood. (Berger   2011, pg 271)


      Types of Agression instrumental aggression – Often increases from 2-6; involves  objects moves the people; quite normal; more egocentric then antisocial. (Berger 2011,   pg. 280) These are the very impressionable years when we are inprinted with social   structure of how we are to deal with situations.


      I believe these to be the series of consideration when looking at this case the child was  playing with anouther instead of acting in a reasonable manner, he decided to act out on  his own according to the behavior he had learned at home. This is why the 19 year old 

was charged instead of the 6 year old. The 6 year old could have no mental connection to  the crime and therefore could not be chrarged. The 19 year old had supplied the gun and   mental learned situation and so could be charged with involuntary manslaughter.






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