CEO Pay Project

Section 1: Introduction (Company Overview and CEO Biography)

Select a company and CEO from a Fortune 500 company.
Provide a company overview. Include a summary of its products or services offered, industry in which it competes (i.e. auto manufacturing, banking, retail fashion sale, etc.).
Provide an overview of the company’s headquarters location, history, and current status.
Sources: Fortune 500, company website, Internet search
Provide a CEO profile. Include biographical, professional, educational, and personal history (e.g., education, past experience, special accomplishment over the course of his/her career).
Section 2: Financial Data

Choose two competitor companies in the same industry that are also on the Fortune 500 list. Research and compare the following information for your chosen company and its two competitors. Use the Fortune 500 (Links to an external site.) list to find the details below. Use tables or charts to display and compare this information.

CEO Name
Fortune 500 Standing
Revenues ($)
Profits ($)
Stock Price
Number of Employees
Section 3: CEO Compensation

Using the same two competitor companies, go to the AFLCIO website (Links to an external site.) to research and compare the compensation of these CEO’s. Use the table below to display and compare this information.

Value of Stock Awards
Value of Option Awards
Non-Equity Incentive Plan Compensation
Change in Pension Value and Deferred Compensation Earnings
All Other Compensation
Based on what you have learned in class and from the textbook, answer the following questions.

What are some similarities and differences in the compensation structure for these three CEO’s?
How does the compensation of CEO’s differ from the compensation of employees?
Section 4: Conclusion

Write your thoughts on CEO pay, considering the following questions.
Why are U.S. CEO pay practices under attack?
Why are people criticizing the amount of compensation being awarded to CEO’s?
Use examples, facts and figures, and information from additional research to support your argument.
What do YOU think about the subject? Be specific and provide examples and data to support your opinions.
Other reflections of yours about this project. What did you learn?
Section 5: Research, Sources, and Documentation

Be sure to include sources for your financial data.
Minimum of five (5) additional sources (to support your company overview and conclusions).
Cite all sources using APA in-text citations and a reference page. Abstract and table of contents are not required.
Sources (you do not need to use all of these sites)
Google Search
Google Company Profits
Google Company Stock
Yahoo Finance (Links to an external site.)
Fortune 500 List (Links to an external site.)
AFLCIO – Highest Paid CEOs (Links to an external site.)
Company Website
Find the annual reports on the company webpage at the bottom of the page in fine print. It may say “About the company” or “investor information”. There you will find the annual reports.

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