Chapter IV: Solution for “The Impact of the enormous amount of fast fashion waste on the environment”

Read the paper which has Chapters
1,2 and 3 and Complete and submit Chapter IV: Solution for
The Impact of the enormous amount of fast fashion
waste on the environment
Solution should Include –

Introduction to solution

SWOT Analysis of Possible Solutions

Best Fit Solutions

Smart Goals

address the below comment in Chapter 1 about citation
The in
text citation goes with in the sentence and if you have a call, you
must have the page number. Please make this correction in the statement of
the problem. Eliminate many of the quotes. If you have
a quote you have to have the page number. Paraphrase in your own
words. Make this correction in chapter 1. Every time you see a
quote, things to a paraphrase statement in your and then you don’t
have to get the page number. You must have references for each
definition of terms. Make this change.

This assignment must be formatted in APA Style 7th edition

Need reference at
the end of the sentence (documented from scholarly sources) of where you
retried the information.

For Example: “It depletes non-renewable resources, emits
greenhouse gases, consumes a large amount of water and energy, pollutes rivers
from its dyeing process, and rampant usage of non-biodegradable microplastics
(Maiti, 2020). ”

Refer to
a sample example in pdf file.

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