CJ525 Applied Research in Criminal Justice

Sampling, Research Challenges, and Ethical Research Presentation

For this week’s assignment, you will create a PowerPoint® presentation on sampling, research challenges, and ethical research. The first part will require you to clearly distinguish probability and non-probability sampling, including specific types of sampling of each, their strengths and weaknesses, and steps for reducing systematic bias and sampling error. The second part will ask you to describe challenges you could encounter in designing and conducting research. In the final section, you will explain how to conduct ethical research, identify policies and regulations governing research involving human subjects, and discuss ethical considerations related to your specific study topic for your research proposal.

Create an 8- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation incorporating the following elements:

Part 1: Sampling

  • Differentiate probability and non-probability sampling, providing research examples to illustrate when probability sampling is appropriate and when non-probability sampling is appropriate.
  • Identify three types of probability sampling, explaining how each is performed.
  • Identify three types of non-probability sampling, explaining how each is performed.
  • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of probability and non-probability sampling in terms of how each does or does not reduce probability error and sampling bias.

Part 2: Research Challenges

  • Describe at least five challenges that may be encountered when completing research. As discussed in this week’s readings, these challenges may involve gatekeepers and access to data or subjects being denied for political, procedural, and/or ethical reasons.
  • Provide examples for each of the five challenges to support your discussion.
  • Explain how you could develop/alter the research design to overcome each of the five identified challenges.

Part 3: Ethical Research

  • Describe principles of ethical research, including policies and regulations that govern research involving human subjects.
  • Describe the Institutional Review Board process.
  • Discuss ethical considerations related to your proposed research study (the one that will form the basis of the preliminary research proposal you are completing for this course).
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