communication MA

part one

For this assignment you are to to watch: Shattered Glass
Write a two page analysis of the film. I am not looking for a summary. I am looking for an in depth analysis.
What was the impact on society from the events in the movie?
What changes to media and reporting occurred because of the events portrayed in the movie?
Which character(s) did you empathize with?
What do you think should have happened to those at fault? Was the punishment he/she/they faced just?
Relate this story to current events regarding journalism in society.
Who are the “fact checkers”? Are they legitimate or biased? Who pays them to “fact check”?
How do you know anything you read is actually unbiased and 100 percent true?
These are just some of the questions to consider when writing your paper.
Two full pages
Title page required
MLA or APA format
Works cited page required
Must properly cite sources in your paper
Grammar, capitalization, spelling and proper sentence

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