Concert Report

Obviously, it may be difficult for you to attend a concert during this semester. Therefore, please watch an entire online performance or attend a live performance of your choosing. Any genre is appropriate. If you’d like to watch a symphony concert, I recommend
Please be sure to outline at the beginning of your report which performance you watched and include a link to where it can be found online. Remember that the concert report, along with fulfilling the written component of an SDSU General Education course, is also your opportunity to show off all the concepts and vocabulary you have learned thus far in the course. Don’t forget to discuss the elements of music and form that you observe.
Requirements: SDSU requires a writing component for all GE courses. Students in Music 151 will write a 350 – 420 word report (about one and a half pages at 12 points in a standard font) evaluating a live and ticketed musical performance. The date, time, and location of this concert and the possible make-up are listed in the “Class Schedule.” Students will upload a photograph of the ticket along with their required concert report. Offer objective observations on the program as defined in the terms of the text and lectures. Offer subjective perceptions and opinions of the performance. Did you like or dislike what you heard, and why? Grading will be based upon two factors. First, the concert report will be evaluated on the use of concepts introduced in the course. Second, students will be evaluated on the basis of correct spelling, proper grammar, and proper application of punctuation. This is an academic paper. Do not write in a conversational, text message or narrative manner, or style.

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