Coursework assessed against learning outcomes ? Develop an individual project plan by assessing the 1 answer below »

Coursework assessed against learning outcomes:
? Develop an individual project plan by assessing the business case for a project
? Select and apply appropriate methods, tools and techniques for the planning and management of the project
? Recommend a suitable structure and process for project monitoring and control
? Recommend a strategy for reducing uncertainties and managing project risk
? Formulate a strategy for implementation of change. Also, include recommendations on contract and pricing strategy.
Recommended Inclusions:
? Project concept, scope, aims and objectives
? Project organization & strategy
? Financial forecasting, uncertainty & risk analysis
? Use of Project planning techniques, bar charts & networks
? Monitoring & control
? Execution / Implementation strategy
? Estimating and budgeting, budgetary control & variance analysis
? Approx 2500 words
? Systems approach
? Referencing as applicable
? Refer course syllabus’s Indicative Content

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