Critical Thinking Module 11 CYS-564

‘- Word Format Only
– Add references (APA Style) from IEEE or Elsevier publishing websites , just last 5 years publications
– Add Table of content
– Add Table of figures
– Add Add list of abbreviation
– Avoid Plagiarism
– spell-check
– grammar-check
– Be sure to write the document in a research-oriented way (Technical Writing) by using APA format template
Critical Thinking Requirements:
As a security architect, submit an assignment that addresses the questions below. Be sure to explain the process and steps you would use, as appropriate.
– How would you minimize users clicking on links without considering the risks of their actions?
– How would you address Web page addresses that are disguised or take you to an unexpected site?
– How would you ensure that third-party software has a mechanism for receiving security updates?
– How would you ensure users know how to configure their web browsers securely?
Deliverables: Your paper should be 5-6 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages

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