Cybersecurity Objective Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization’s hardware and software systems transmission media local area networks wide area networks enterprise networks Intranets and its use of the Internet to cyber intrusions. Competenc

Cybersecurity Objective: Assess the vulnerabilities of an organization’s hardware and software systems, transmission media, local area networks, wide area networks, enterprise networks, Intranets, and its use of the Internet to cyber intrusions. Competencies: Critical thinking Instructions: In 8 -10 double-spaced pages develop arguments: How to model and determine threats and How to conduct the vulnerability assessment. The paper should be based on leading industry practices and include at a minimum complete strategies of modeling threats and assessing vulnerabilities, the reasons why these are good strategies, the impact of threats and vulnerabilities on organizations and how organizations can best address its potential impacts. Illustrations (figures) should be included in explaining and supporting your arguments. Experiments data should be included while possible. Prepare your paper in Word. Include a cover page, an abstract, table of content, main text with section headings, conclusions, and a minimum of 7 references. The page count starts with Abstract and ends with the Conclusions. The citations and the reference list in the paper should be included. Before you submit your paper, you will need to run your assignment through and receive an originality report. DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE TO DO THIS. It might take several hours to do this. Resubmissions can take a day or more. For instructions, go to the “Turnitin Instructions” and review the posting entitled “Basic Turnitin Instructions.”Note: Assignment = “Paper 1”. After it meets all of the stated criteria, attach the paper AND the originality report in your Assignments Folder. Note: The student must check the file(s) right after submission to make sure the right file(s) is submitted. No resubmission after the due date is allowed without prior approval from the instructor. Only valid submission in the correct assignment folder can be graded

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