discussion question 2

Disabilities and Stigmatization 

The diagnosis of a learning disability during childhood has long-term implications, not only for the child, but for the parents as well. Learning disabilities can carry a stigma, which can affect the way parents perceive themselves as well as their children. In this Discussion, you will examine how a stigma can affect family members. You will also examine what can be done to assist families in overcoming a stigma associated with learning disabilities.

To prepare: Consider how the articles in this week’s Learning Resources address learning disabilities and stigma. Think about the ways parents might react to or feel about having a child with a learning disability. Examine how the Learning Resources address methods to support parents of children with learning disabilities.

Post by Day 4: 

Explain how a stigma might affect children with learning disabilities and their families. Include at least one perception that families might have about themselves or about their child as a result of stigmatization. Describe how that perception might impact the child’s development in a specific way. Finally, suggest at least one strategy for promoting positive identity development in response to this stigma.

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