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Assignment 1: Ethical Considerations for Conducting Research in Industrial/Organizational Settings

There are many ethical issues involved in conducting research involving human participants in general; however, some are particularly tricky within an organizational setting.

Further complicating the matter, APA has established ethical guidelines. They are not specifically oriented toward industrial/organizational (I/O) research. It is important to take time to consider some of the more likely ethical dilemmas an industrial/organizational (I/O) researcher might encounter so as to help avoid them.

Your instructor will assign you to one of the following topics:

Topic 1: Multiple or conflicting roles within an organization

Topic 2: Participant (employee) rights (informed consent, confidentiality, and privacy) in organizational settings

Topic 3: Censoring data


Research your topic and explain why this is an ethical concern for conducting research in industrial/organizational (I/O) settings.

Review the APA code of ethics as it pertains to your topic and report your findings.

Develop a set of guidelines to avoid an ethical dilemma involving your topic while conducting research in industrial/organizational (I/O) settings.

Present your work in an initial post, with a subheading for each of the specific bullet points noted above. Include, at a minimum, 2–3 paragraphs for each subheading. Follow APA guidelines for writing and citing text. All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, post your responses to this Discussion Area.

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