Final Exam Texas Govt

Define 10 0f 12 definitions below for 3 pts each one to two sentences (total 30 points):

  • Line Item Veto
  • Merit Employment system
  • Bureaucracies
  • Civil Lawsuits
  • Plea bargain
  • Grand jury
  • School Superintendent
  • Civil Service
  • City Manager
  • Tax Abatement
  • District Court
  • Home Rule City


D- Answer one of two essays below for 25 points in one to three pages.

  • Describe the Texas Judicial System and compare the options for selecting judges and why one system is better than others comparing nonpartisan elections, partisan elections, and merit retention/ selection (Missouri Plan)
  • Compare and contrast different type of local governments in Texas and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the major (strong vs. weak), commissioner, and council manager forms of government.
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