I MUST HAVE TONIGHT 11PM – Experiential Family Therapy – Must use Gehart Satir and Bowen Must use in text citations and 7-10 references

  Integration of Theory Paper (25 pts.): You are asked to write a personal integration /theory of change paper, that includes your preferred theory of change based on the intervention models you learned over the semester.  By the time you begin writing the paper you will have hopefully determined a MFT theory that resonates with you or a theory/model you could see yourself using in clinical work. As much as possible, you must substantiate your theory of change with at least 7-10 literature references (citations in APA format). You must use one of the models we studied in class. Please don’t copy from your Motivational Interviewing class and present that information in this paper.  Limit the paper to 8-10 pages. See the below guide for further information. Paper is submitted via Safe Assign.

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