If you are an in-service student application to your job would be very appropriate. If you are a…

If you are an in-service student, application to your job would be very appropriate. If you are a pre-service student, please reflect on how the learning outcomes may or may not be compatible with your overall learning objectives.Note: Chapter 3 reading is attached and is a little lengthy. You have to complete the entire reading in order to complete the assignment. The professor knows the entire book and can tell a BS paperPlease take you time doing the work and make sure is 100% original.Please note the following on the reflection papers: all essays for this class require a separate title page and separate reference list/bibliography/works cited (whichever term your prefer).Note: Also after completing this reading how does this relate to the law enforcement field. If you don’t understand please let me know Again Note: Please make sure you read the material given and base the paper off the material given. Make sure the pages are fully complete grammar is correct, and work is cited (give the owner credit.) Also one source is always good for the paper.

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