II Research Paper Outline

Research Paper Topic:

Communication in Community Mental Health Practice 

The topics above is the topic for your research paper. Your final   paper, which is due in Unit VII, must include information related to the   following areas that you will learn about in this course:

population and sample size;

hypothesis testing;

research instruments;

statistical tests and results;

multivariable methods, including the principles of these methods;

examples of dependent and independent variables; and

any other pertinent issues related to course material.

After selecting your topic, create an outline that gives an overview   of the organization and content of your paper. You must include at least four   headings (main ideas). Each heading should be supported by at least four   subsections with supporting evidence. You must include at least two   references for your outline, and they should be formatted in accordance with   APA guidelines. 


See attached study guide for reference materials. 

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