Intelligent and Adaptive Systems module

please read the assignment paper carefully:
Assignment Description:
You must write a report, using not more than 2500 words to describe your investigations and results. You need to:
1. Demonstrate that you understand the theory behind the approaches you use to solve a problem. However, do not include long descriptions of the theoretical background: use appropriate references for conciseness.
2. Explain the methods used and describe the steps taken to validate your results.
3. Results should be presented clearly and with numerate critical analysis and comparison (rather than subjective judgement).
4. Include critical assessment and analysis of the relative merits of the approaches you have used.
5. Include a Discussion of Results and Conclusions.
6. Provide references using the Harvard system
7. Provide any code you have written in an appendix. (This will not be included in the word count) 9. Correct citation and Referance should be provided 10. 0% similarity