Issue Analysis Submit one document 1–2 pages in length to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 8 that…

Issue Analysis

Submit one document 1–2 pages in length to the Dropbox by the end of Unit 8 that addresses each of the issues below from one of the topics below.

The National Historical Publications and Records Commissions

Visit the National Historical Publications and Records Commission at Under the Grants section click on “Learn More” and review several of the items listed. Then click “Administer a Grant” and, on the left side of the page. Then explore the information on this site by clicking on the links on the left of the “Administer a Grant” page.

Based on your tour of the website, do you think the kind of activity the NHPRC is engaged in, as illustrated by the information contained in its website, is within its authority? Why, or why not?

Webster v. Doe

Using Westlaw, locate and read the case of Webster v. Doe, 486 U.S. 592 (1988). Then consider the following:Do you think the Court was correct in finding that significant issues of national security were involved? Why, or why not?What standard of review did the Court use? Explain.Do you think the Court would reach the same conclusion if this case were brought today? Why, or why not?

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I agree with the work that I found on the NHPRC website that it is within their authority. The commission is involved in the safe keeping of historical information as well as giving applicants who qualify grants. This is work that is not really outside their scope as they are involved in making sure that the community is well informed.  As a commission they are also charged with the responsibility of ensuring that people get grants to serve them in various needs that they could be having. This way they are positively involved in the well being of the people. Therefore, they should continue doing this great work as it is touching more lives positively. Secondly, keeping records of information…………………………………..


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