Making sure you are selecting the work of different authors choose any two of the articles… 1 answer below »

Making sure you are selecting the work of different authors, choose any two of the articles uploaded at the Course materials. Read them till you have identified the principal ideas and the line of argument of the authors. Now, after writing a clear and clean synopsis of each article, establish a connection of their arguments, whether they agree or disagree on some or many of its parts. Please, don’t use your personal experiences in this first paper to put on one side of the author’s arguments or the other. If fact, you don’t need to take part of the arguments. The task is just to explain and connect

them clearly. This assignment is strictly academic, and is meant to focus your attention on relevant writings on strategic management usually presented in specialized journals or magazines.

For this assignment, use no more than 1000 words, excluding titles, footnotes, charts, tables and annexes. I will not receive papers exceeding this limit. Be sure to have at least 2 peer-reviewed sources for your major points.

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