Mental Illness and Criminal Justice PSYC 381 Assignments You only have to complete the (Jail…

Mental Illness and Criminal Justice PSYC 381 Assignments You only have to complete the (Jail treatment report) you must include the Basic Information and Behavioral Observations section in addition to your other section. Susan Basic Information (All reports) o You are about to embark on the process of creating a full psycho-legal evaluation of Susan. As the semester progresses, you will write one section of the report after the other until you have created a full psycho-legal report. This is the first step in that process. o Use the report format available on the Blackboard site for the class o You are tasked with creating the first portion of your psychological report in this section. All subsequent reports will build off of this, so please make sure to follow these guidelines. Please include the following sections: Reason for Referral Non-Confidentiality Statement Leave as is no editing necessary Background Information Add your own synopsis of Susans background information in this section. Be sure to include all information you deem relevant. Be concise but encompassing. Do not cut and paste from the information available on Blackboard. Be sure to include a list of current medications if available. Summary of the Instant Offense The Summary of the Instant Offense is exactly that. A summary of the police report. In this case, instant offense refers to the crime with which Susan is currently charged (the attempted murder of her sons). Be sure to list the date, time, and location of the offense (that is important information) Summarize the police report as best you can, in your own words, and include all relevant information. Include direct quotes from Susan as well. Susan Mental Status Section (All reports) o This paper consists of two sections to be added to your report the Behavioral Observations section and the diagnosis section. Please add these sections to your previous report as outlined below. Behavioral Observations This is to be written as if you are a mental health professional in the jail in which Susan is currently incarcerated. Please write this as if you are meeting Susan in jail several days after she arrives in the jail. This is a fictional account of a meeting that doesnt really happen which is going to require some creativity on your part. Think about the videos we watched of patients diagnosed with schizophrenia and try and describe those behaviors. Think about what you fictional Susan looks like and describe it. Ask her questions about the crime and the legal process and think about how she may respond. Seeing as how this interview would happen several days after she was incarcerated, assume that she would still be exhibiting some features of her psychotic disorder. If she has been taking medication, it is not likely to have taken full effect yet if she is refusing medication her behaviors should still be psychotic. Which direction you choose to take is up to you. Use the information available in the Mental Status Exam form on the class website (and the PowerPoint presentation on Blackboard) to create behavioral observations that you think mimic how Susan may actually act and respond during an interview. Be sure to use jail incident reports to help. You may also use direct quotes and comments made by correctional officers that you also interview (that you make up). I cant state this clearly enough be objective and factual. You must provide behavioral observations that back up your claims. Do not simply state that the patient appeared anxious. Instead, state that they appeared anxious and then give an example of what you were seeing in the interview (her actual behavior) that made you think that. For example, the patient appeared anxious as evidenced by the fact that she was constantly shifting in her seat and repeatedly asking when the interview would be done. Be sure to cover every category listed in the class PowerPoint use that as a guide. One caveat, you do not need to comment on everything listed in the PowerPoint. If there was nothing remarkable (in your fictional scenario) about Susans appearance, then state what she looked like (overall appearance) and leave it at that. The PowerPoint is a guide so you dont forget anything. Not a checklist. Review the DSM criteria for schizophrenia in your paper and state which ways Susan does, or does not, meet the criteria. Provide concrete examples from your behavioral observations (things that you can make up) and the available police reports and jail incident reports. Be logical. If you are going to diagnose Susan with schizophrenia (and you should) then be sure to explicitly state which criteria she meets and how she meets that criteria. Take this process and repeat it for Susans substance abuse diagnosis. However, unlike her diagnosis of schizophrenia, whether or not she meets the criteria for a substance use disorder is up to you. As it currently stands, her diagnosis could go either way. If you have added information in your behavioral observations section that pushes her one way or the other with respect to this diagnosis, make the case. Susan – Jail Treatment Plan o For this part of the paper, you are tasked with creating a jail treatment plan for Susan. This section should be added to the earlier information to create one full report. Treatment Plan Using peer-reviewed literature as a guide for what works describe the treatment plan you would use for Susan. Individual therapy? Group Therapy? Medications? All of the above? What do you think would work best if there were no limitations on the available resources? Back up all treatment recommendations with evidence from peer-reviewed literature. Provide examples of how the treatment you are suggesting has been used and the effectiveness of that treatment given the results of your research into the peer-reviewed literature. Can you find a peer-reviewed article on treating schizophrenia in a jail setting? If not, how can you use the literature on treating schizophrenia in the community and amend that so that the same process can reasonably work in a jail setting. Remember, some things available in the community are not available in a secure jail setting. Make sure you treat every issue. If they are diagnosed with schizophrenia treat that but if you diagnose Susan with a substance abuse disorder, treat that as well.

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