Methods to Assess and Interpret Results

Answer the following question. 3. Discuss methods to assess and interpret results and correctly dimension small cohort clinical trial (can use the example below as a reference). [100 marks] Example: Imagine you need to analyze a small dataset composed of blood pressure measures conducted on a population of patients suffering from high blood pressure (300 participants). The patients are either untreated or treated with two different drugs (CTRL group, DRUG A group, DRUG B group, n= 100 patients are randomly allocated to each group at the beginning of the study). The drugs are designed to lower the blood pressure and measurements are taken at baseline (recruitment) and after 6 months upon treatment.

let me know any questions. you can add more reference but must be less than 10, font size 12 and Times New Rome font for more information on Methods to Assess and Interpret Result read this org/wiki/Evaluation” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>

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