MN 501 unit 6 Assignment


Career Development Plan (Due on last day of Unit 6)


During this course you will be developing a Career Development Plan. This will give you the opportunity to compose an integrated narrative that describes your reflections, assessments, and actions in more detail.

Students are expected to incorporate feedback on the career plan step submissions from peers and faculty into the each career development plan submission.

Content, writing, and format/style are expected to be at the graduate level. Therefore, all references should be properly cited using APA guidelines.


The purpose of this Assignment is for students to develop a Career Development Plan that serves as a focus for graduate-school work as well as for their future career planning. The career development plan is designed for submission in two segments (Unit 6 and Unit 9):

Career Development Plan – Part I (due on the last day of Unit 6): In paragraph form please address the following points. Please note – each paragraph needs to be at least five sentences in length: Begin with an introductory paragraph which provides the      reader with an overview of your personal, educational, and professional      life. Provide a description of your current position. What      elements of your job do you especially enjoy? What elements do you find      challenging? If you are currently unemployed, refer to a previous      position. Using your StrengthsQuest findings from Unit 1, explain      if you believe that your current (or previous) position is a good fit for      your strengths as noted in the exercise (When quoting directly or      referring to the StrengthsQuest exercise, it must be cited and referenced      appropriately). Looking ahead, and keeping in mind your individual      areas of personal strength, describe a nursing position to which you      aspire. Some areas that could be considered for a master’s-prepared nurse      include a nurse educator, a nurse administrator, a nurse practitioner, or      a position in nursing informatics. Please include at least one outside      source, cite it within the body of your paper, and include it on the      reference list. Summarize your points in a concluding paragraph, and      bring your paper to a reasonable conclusion.

ID: MN501-06-06-ASG2

Formatting Notes:

To receive full credit, your paper must include the following elements of APA style (as shown in the APA book and online resources): A title page; Double spacing; One-inch margins; A separate heading for aspect of the paper as listed      above (with the exception of the introduction or conclusion – these      paragraphs do not require headings); A reference list with at least two sources in APA      format (each reference must also be cited within the body of your paper).

· Your paper must be composed using Microsoft® Word® and must be typed in Times New Roman, font size 12.

· When your paper is complete, save as a Word document, and upload to the Dropbox: Unit 6 Assignment: Career Development Plan – Part I. Upload by Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET.

· A rubric for this and all assignments can be found in the Grading Rubrics section of the Course Home

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