Module 1 – Research Questions, Hypotheses, and Variables

Two short studies are available to complete this assignment:
A Study of the Use of Mobile Phones by Older Persons , by Kurniawan, Nugroho, and Mahmud.
Unauthorized Copying of Software – An Empirical Study of Reasons For and Against by Siponen and Vartiainen.
Select one of the studies and complete the following steps associated with identifying a researchable topic.
Identify the practical problem that is being addressed by this research. In describing the problem include a discussion of:a. How the problem affects practitioners/customers in the industryb. Why research is needed to address the problem (what needs to be studied or further understood/explained)c. How significant or important the insight gained from research might be to the practitioners/customers
Identify the research question(s) investigated by this research. Research questions should ask one of the following:a. How are things related?b. How are things different?If the research questions are not explicitly stated, do your best to frame the question(s) using the format(s) above.
Based on the research questions you identified, what are the research hypotheses and the corresponding null hypotheses? If a hypothesis is not clearly stated or tested, formulate one that reflects the research question.
Identify and describe (in narrative) the dependent, independent, and any mediating (controlling) variables associated with testing the hypothesis. Identify any demographic variables you might collect to help describe your sample participants. Summarize the information about the identified variables in the following table:
Concept Variable Variable Type Data Type Example: Student Satisfaction Instructor Rating Dependent Ordinal

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