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Business Dilema FOCUS: You are interested in deploying sensor technology in the cafe to help revamp operations. How would you address the following: • Many cafes are putting sensors on the bottom of cups to help alert the wait staff that a customer needs a refill. Would you introduce this technology to the cafe? If so, are there any concerns with using this type of technology? • What other types of sensors could you deploy throughout the cafe to help operations? What concerns would you have regarding these sensors? • Are there any current laws that you would need to be aware of when deploying wireless technology? If so, what types of liabilities for potential lawsuits should you be aware of to protect the cafe? If not, what types of laws should be created to help protect customers, employees, and the cafe? Making business decision 1 Your customers are mobile, and you want the cafe to be mobile too. You have decided to create an innovative system for mobile coupons, allowing cafe customers to capitalize on instant redemption coupons. As customers walk past the cafe (or within a 25 foot radius of the cafe) a coupon for a dollar off a latte or a 15 percent discount on an order will be pushed to their mobile device. As you prepare to deploy this new mobile marketing campaign you want to understand all of the benefits and risks for the following: • Why are m-coupons better than traditional paper coupons? • What are the risks involved with mobile marketing and m-coupons? • What are the privacy issues involved with mobile marketing and m-coupons? • How can the cafe benefit from collecting and tracking response rates of m-coupons by customers? • How can the cafe benefit from tracking if an m-coupon is forwarded to another cell phone? Making business decision 2 • Develop two new products using network, telecommunication, or wireless tools to create new revenue streams for the cafe, such as burning CDs for your customers Apply Your Knowledge(AYK) You are implementing a wireless network throughout the cafe so customers can connect and work while enjoying their latte. • Create a document detailing all of the features you can use to secure the cafe’s wireless network. Be sure to include a discussion on the ethical issues involved with customers using your wireless network.

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