NSCI 171 Laboratory in Meteorology Final Exam Answers (2019)

Question 1 (3 points)

A line with triangles pointing to the east is a

Question 1 options:

cold front

warm front

occluded front

stationary front

Question 2 (3 points)

A line with semicircles pointing to the east is a

Question 2 options:

cold front

occluded front

stationary front

warm front

Question 3 (3 points)

A line with triangles alternating with semi circles both pointing to the east is a

Question 3 options:

Occluded front

Warm front’

Stationary front

Cold front

Question 4 (3 points)

A line with triangles pointing to the east and semicircles pointing to the west is a

Question 4 options:

Warm front

Cold front

Stationary front

Occluded Front

Question 5 (3 points)

The line dividing a moist air mass from a dry air mass is called a

Question 5 options:



dry line

wet line

Question 6 (3 points)

The highest temperature reached in a 24-hour period is measured by a … What? Question 6 options:

Thermometer – maximum thermometer

minimum thermometer

wet and dry bulb thermometer maximum thermometer

broken thermometer maximum thermometer

Question 7 (3 points)

The horizontal movement of air across the surface is called… What?

Question 7 options:


cloud – Harmattan



Question 8 (3 points)

What are the lines of equal air pressure called?

Question 8 options:





Question 9 (3 points)

The horizontal movement of air is called…

Question 9 options:





Question 10 (3 points)

A wind vane measure what?

Question 10 options:

wind speed

wind direction

wind velocity

wind height

Question 11 (3 points)

A north wind does what?

Question 11 options:

blows away from the north

blows towards the north

comes from the north

heads toward the north

Question 12 (3 points)

A wet and dry bulb thermometer measures what

Question 12 options:

relativity theory

relative humidity

absolute zero

absolute relative

Question 13 (3 points)

Wind speed is shown weather maps by what symbol?

Question 13 options:



cherub blowing


Question 14 (3 points)

An anticyclone – is a name for…

Question 14 options:

a depression

a low pressure

a cyclone

a high pressure

Question 15 (10 points)

What is Lake effect Snow? Where in the US would you find this phenomenon in the winter?

Question 16 (8 points)

What can glacial ice cores and ocean sediments tell us about past climatic events?

Question 17 (10 points)

Explain why the United State has more tornadoes than anywhere else on earth

Question 18 (10 points)

Differentiate between global warming and climate change

Question 19 (10 points)

How does the reduction in albedo affect the North and South Polar Ice Caps?

Question 20 (10 points)

Why does the Peruvian fishery fail during an El Nino Event? Why is this phenomenon called “El Nino?”

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