writing a paper of 5 pages double space using APA style,utilizing critical thinking,clinical sound statements and research analysis on the following topic:
“Mrs. Wilson (70 Y/O) is in the hospital and has just been told by her doctor that she has terminal cancer, you have been assigned to work with Mrs. Wilson during your shifts and every time she sees you, she discharges all her anxiety on you and you have learned during your psychology and human growth and development classes about defense and coping mechanisms and life stages and can relate emphatically with Mrs. Wilson.” 
In your paper you will tell me what kind of questions a terminally ill person will ask you and how you will answer them.
What stage of life and grief she may be going through.
How do you answer questions about the medications and treatments prescribed by the doctors, what may be some of those medications and treatments?
What the family may ask you and how you answer them.
(Please use quotes as needed)
This assignment is due by Monday, August 25th,2014 at 11:59 am (before noon)

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