One Breath at a Time “videos Discussions”


One Breath at a Time

This  week you watched three videos, each on a topic of pollution. Of these  three types of pollution, which do you believe you could influence most?  Which would be the most manageable at the individual level? Explain  your reasoning.

Links to the Videos:




Also Response to Class Discussion:

Class Discussion:

Travis Mack,

 After reviewing the videos, I believe I could most directly influence  the one about waste. I am guilty of sometimes myself being lazy and not  wanting to separate the waste. Most municipalities have waste pick up  for recyclables and solid waste. The fact of me taking the time out to  do what is written would be a direct reflection upon the results. I have  always noticed one thing about staying in a neighborhood. I was the  first person to put up Christmas and the following year a few more  houses put up Christmas lights. I built a containment for my trash  slowly the other neighbor started. I say all of the above to say  sometimes you have to lead by example. Start to recycle your trash and  sort as the local municipalities already offer most services and taken  out of your taxes anyway. I believe it to be the most manageable at an  individual level. It is all too easy even to start communicating with  your neighbors to encourage them to do the same as well. I stay within  an HOA so the board could always change the by-laws to help support the  movement. 

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