Vineet Nayar follows the change models proposed by Lewin and Kotter Kurt Lewin’s Change theory is reflected the modest, yet vigorous and appropriate change management. Theory established is reflected the essence of change models, appropriate for personal, group and organizational change. Lewin assumed that the significant to solving social encounter was to smooth learning and allow personalities to understand and manage their interpretations of the world round them. The three phase model alteration are frequently treated as subjects of his work, Lewin combined whole with every portion supportive and emphasizing the others and it is essential to recognize and carry about Planned alteration, whether it will be at the level of the individual, group, organization or even society statuses. The target elements of change within the systems model of change were affected by the changes at HCL HCL assist organizations to idea lead and succeed the human side of executing tactical alteration. It supports customers to generate an atmosphere for alteration through organizational Management facilities. The partner with customers to plan and implement their alteration policies and activities and facilitate the fast consciousness of their business aims. It offer the efficient architecture for foremost and managing alteration based on technical organizational alteration management moralities, and shape a customer’s abilities to lead and manage alteration in both the short- and long-term periods It offers alteration management referring for: • Large scale IT executions • E Power • Business Procedure Re-manufacturing • Mergers & Acquisitions • Business Procedure Subcontracting (ORGANIZATION CHANGE MANAGEMENT)

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