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Note to tutor: Use your own words NO outside sources/references
Q.1) What is your favorite example of musical drama? What is your least favorite? Think about why that is and write your thoughts down. Are there any conventions that you have greater difficulty accepting than others? Are there certain timbres that don’t appeal to you? Do some real considering of your own taste.
Q.2) Do you think that it is important to understand Messiaen’s theory and methods in order to enjoy the music? Does it make you enjoy it more than you do? or should music just teach itself to you? How do you feel it should be? And what does this say about the way that you feel art should be created and experienced?
Q.3) What do you think of Ligeti’s quote? Do you sympathize with his problem? What do you think is the best solution, if there is one?
Q.4) Find a minimalist piece that we have not covered in this class and listen to it. Try to find something longer than just a few minutes, but it doesn’t need to be hours…perhaps some Philip Glass? Journal while you listen and just write about your experience as it happens. What are you hearing while you listen to this type of music? Be sure to include the title and composer in your entry.