This Paper is for you to explore a topical area and apply critical insight to discern fact from fiction.  You will review the available evidence for a commonly held belief and provide a conclusion regarding the merit of this claim by describing concepts in core psychological domains and examining variations in psychological functioning. Select a topic from the list attached.

Write a paper in which you summarize psychological theory and research that is pertinent to this topic.  The paper should appraise the evidence contained within your articles, supporting and/or contradicting the statement you have chosen to examine.  Your task is to distinguish whether or not this commonly held belief accurately represents psychological knowledge of the topic and discuss your conclusions. If theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is false (i.e., it is instead bubba or pop psychology), infer an alternative truth based on the literature. If the theory and research in psychology suggest that the statement is true, point out how the research supports the statement.

Must be 6 double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA Style. 

A list of topics is attached. Also on how to summarize is attached as well. 

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