part 1 and 2

part 1( lecture 8 pdf)
Please review posted reading material and list and describe 3 core technologies that will help us with addressing COVID 19. You can choose any aspect: healthcare, telework, data, anything else! Please be creative.
part 2 Professional Portfolios
Research and write a paper discussing the importance of a portfolio, the components of a portfolio, why you might use a portfolio, etc. Please DO include some examples of what you would include in your portfolio. So, for example (and, of course, this depends on your career field), code samples, design documentation, lesson plans, certifications earned, etc.
Length: 2-4 pages, submitted as a PDF file
APA Style formatting.An abstract is not required.
The cover/title and references pages are in addition to the 2-4 pages of written text that are required.

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