Perspective In Psychology

In this chapter, you learned about main psychological domains and also covered some of the main perspectives in psychology. Think about some of the various perspectives you learned about (including psychoanalysis, behaviorism, cognitive psychology, humanism, developmental psychology, health and sport psychology, and clinical psychology), and write a summary about which psychological perspective most resonates with you, and why. If you were to practice psychology someday, either as a therapist, counselor, teacher, researcher, or in some other capacity, which perspective do you think you might emphasize? 

Responses to each Discussion board questions should meet minimum word count (one paragraph per question) requirements, and consist of well thought out quality work. Each response should cite the chapter of the book in question, you may give a VERY small quote from that chapter to support your opinion, followed by the page of the quote. Think of this assignment as an essay question in an exam or an assignment for a face to face class. That should be the goal of the quality level submitted in each discussion board

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