Political Science Question

The purpose of the paper is to provide the reader with a synopsis of a problem or critical issue in US crime, have to mention what we know about the pre-existing policies that are causing or contributing to one of the problems or issues, and what alternative policy options are recommended. For more details about the project, read carefully page 19 (Unit 1) in the book Write and Wrong: Writing within Criminal Justice by Caroline W. Ferree and Heather L. Pfeifer.
Policy reports directly reflect the different roles that the policy analyst commonly plays, i.e. from the researcher to the advocate. The type of report that you are writing is one from the more action-oriented, advocacy end of the continuum (but that is nevertheless based purely on evidence and not your opinion). I need you to research policies that were created to support or are blocking the receiving of free mental health clinics in the united states only.

I will need the 4 pages to cover the following thoroughly in detail. NO NEED FOR TITLE PAGES. include references used and citations. only google scholar and academic resources no random websites.
1. Pre-existing Policies, Policy Options, and Research
4. policy Recommendations
I will attach the book needed for guidance and I will attach a document that can clarify the topic exactly, for a section I already wrote before and will be at the beginning of the paper and how the references and citations should be in APA format. this is a big research paper and I only need help with this part of the paper.

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