Prejudice and Discrimination


Prejudice and discrimination are two different issues, although people tend to think of them as synonymous.  What are the differences between the two? To what extent is prejudice or discrimination a problem in your current or previous environment? What are some of the subtle—or even blatant—ways that prejudice or discrimination is expressed? What are ways that prejudice or discrimination is expressed in your social or work environment (e.g., racism, sexism, ageism, basic intolerance for different points of view, etc.), and how do you think these behaviors can be diminished or eliminated?  If you feel you are living or working in an environment without blatant or subtle prejudice and discrimination to what do you attribute this bias-free environment? Have you ever suddenly realized that you were acting or feeling prejudiced or discriminatory toward another person or group? Were you surprised to discover this about yourself? Form some comments or opinions and share them with your classmates.  As always, you are encouraged to be honest but respectful in sharing your thoughts and experiences.

Supplement your primary post with a scholarly article about discrimination or prejudice that you find interesting.  Be sure to cite your sources, and remember that direct quotes and references do not count toward the minimum word count.

400 word minimum APA format

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