Write the pseudocode for the following problem
A school is looking to improve it’s grading system. Grading used to be all inclusive, meaning each assignment is weighted the same. The school now wants to weight each grade by it’s criteria. The school is making the policy that classwork/homework is 25% of the quarter grade, quizzes are 25% of the quarter grade, and tests are 50% of the quarter grade.
For example, a student has 7 classwork grades, 3 homework grades, 5 quizzes, and 3 tests.
The classwork grades for this student are [78, 67, 85, 97, 72, 88, and 91].
The homework grades for this student are [95, 87, and 89].
The quiz grades for this student are [78, 89, 94, 86, and 91].
The test grades for this student are [80, 75, and 98].
You would average all the classwork and homework grades and then multiply it by 25% and then do similar things with quizzes and tests.
You must use a separate method to calculate the average. You can use a collection or array to hold the grades. Print out the final grade.

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