Psychoanalytic Approaches


A summary of research

Step 1 

Explore the various offshoots of psychoanalytic theory online and choose one theory to review.  

Step 2 Access the readings.

Is Freud Still Relevant, Personality Development Theories and this article Psychodynamic Approaches gives you a brief overview of Freud’s Theory and some other names to research for other scientists who were anti-Freud but major contributions to personality development theories

Important: This paper is NOT about Freud.  It is about ONE of the many theories that are offshoots of Freud’s original psychoanalytic theory, such as: Jung, Horney, and Erikson. More recent offshoots include object-relations theory and self-psychology. But there are others!

Step 3 Summarize your chosen theory.

Write a summary of your findings on the theory you selected. Describe clearly and briefly how personality development occurs according to your chosen theory. Make sure you cite your sources.

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